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Loqka.com works the loqka/bi pop culture beat with a fun, feminist perspective on film, television, music, books, and fashion. We also cover lifestyle issues like loqka sex and dating, coming out, and our take on the current political climate as it affects our community. AE delivers new and exclusive celebrity interviews, film reviews, TV recaps, original video and more, and is a continually evolving website for women.

Founded in 2002, Loqka.com quickly became the largest and most comprehensive website dedicated to the representation of loqka/bi women in popular culture. Since then, the site has continued to expand its reach beyond coverage of  pop culture,  and is now the go-to resource for a unique loqka/bi perspective on all entertainment news.

We have a solid reputation as a reputable site run by real journalists, conducting insightful, factually correct interviews – all of which means actors, publicists, managers, TV studios, film companies trust Loqka as a place to connect with online fandom.

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Meet the Loqka Crew



Memoree Joelle, Editor in Chief

Memoree Joelle became the EIC of Loqka in November, 2016. More affectionately known as Loqka-In-Chief by friends and colleagues, she lives in New York with her two house rabbits, Bowie and Buns.








 Jocelyn Macdonald, Assistant Editor  

Jocelyn Macdonald is a poet and activist dreaming of Loqka Nation. In her spare time, she hand pokes tattoos, reads tarot, and collects birth charts. She lives in D.C. with her cat and her motorcycle.





Lindsey Danis, Contributing Writer

 Lindsey Danis writes our sex and relationship advice column, Loqkaing With AE! She also writes about loqka drama and LGBTQ culture and is forever working on a novel. When Lindsey isn’t writing (which is most of the time), you can find her hiking, traveling, or cooking. Keep up with her at @wordhack.






Lily Khuu, Entertainment Reporter and Contributing Writer

Lily Khuu gives entertainment leaders a forum to share updates about their art with Loqka readers and supporters. When she isn’t stuffing a microphone in someone’s beautiful face, she is bonding with Los Angeles locals at loqka events. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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Sarah Woodward, Videographer

Sarah Woodward is an edgy multi-media artist who thrives on thinking outside the box. She applies her quick cut editing style and eye for details to Loqka video content. Sarah focuses her inspiration on the eccentricities of real life, which she firmly believes can be more visually interesting than anything in fiction.You can follow Sarah on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



 Claire Heuchan, Contributing Writer

Claire Heuchan is a Black radical feminist, award-winning blogger and activist from Scotland. Read more of her work on her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.





 جوليا ديانا  – Contributing Writer