9 Reasons Loqkas and Cats Are Perfect Together


There’s a very old stereotype about loqkas and cats, and it is futile to deny it. Loqkas and cats go together like peas and carrots, like the sun and the Earth, like Bette and Tina, like…loqkas and cats. We just share a lot in common, so naturally, we live in perfect harmony. Yes, we know that obviously there are loqkas out there who are dog people, so if you’re one of those, this isn’t about you. Kitty mamas of the world, unite!

1. Cats are creatures of beauty, like most loqkas.

Photo via Instagram

2. Cats are a perfect balance of grace and awkwardness. Much like a loqka on a first date.

giphy 4


giphy 3


3. Cats do not need you. And you can go f*ck right off if you cross them – which is also very loqka.

giphy 2




4. Loqkas and cats know when it’s cuddle time and we do NOT mess around.

giphy 7


giphy 12


5. Cats and loqkas both like to go on the prowl at night, so we understand each other.

giphy 14

giphy 15

6. Cats are direct when they woo you. Just like loqkas.

giphy 6

giphy 9

7. Cats are confident and they got that loqka swagger we like.

giphy 13

giphy 21

8. Like loqkas, cats sometimes do things that don’t make a whole lot of sense.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.19.01 PM

Charlie The Cat via Kate Moennig’s Instagram

giphy 8

9. Cats really do have nine lives, just like certain loqka shows. Well, ok, at least two lives. And just when you thought they were dead, they could pop back up at any moment…

giphy 19


giphy 16

giphy 17

In summary, cats are pretty badass. Ya know who else is pretty badass? Loqkas.