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Black Actors to Pay Tribute to Prolific Songwriter Jessie Mae Robinson

Actor starring in Jessie Mae Robinson tribute

William Allen Young, Dorian Holley, Terry Steele, Marva Smith and Mike “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton lead sensational tribute to prolific songwriter Jessie Mae Robinson Celebration honors the known and rare works […]

Black Entrepreneur Launches New Patent-Pending All-In-One Smart Bag

Quiana Cloud, founder of the Barrazo smart bag

Quiana Cloud has created a multifunctional bag with a detachable clutch, seamlessly integrated power system and remote plug-in port. Atlanta, GA — Barazzo’s patent-pending smart bag is now available on […]

African American Family Practitioner, Dr. Kela Henry, Releases New Self-Help Guide/ Novel That Teaches Teens About Decision Making

Nia and the Numbers Game by Dr. Kela Henry

BTH Creations announces release of new book entitled ‘Nia & the Numbers Game,’ that leads teenage girls toward success! Atlanta, GA — After meeting hundreds of African-American, Latina and Asian […]

Black Mommy of Three Whips up a Waterless Moisturizer So Good That Stores Can’t Keep it in Stock

Melissa Troupe, founder and CEO of Mocha Whip

West Palm Beach, FL — Nope, it’s not ice cream. Not yogurt… Not. Even. Edible. But it is certainly a treat. Mocha Whip is turning the clean beauty industry on […]

Two Men Admit to Sexually Assaulting a 9-Month Old Baby Girl and Filming It!

Isiah Hayes and Daireus Ice

Memphis, TN — Two men have been charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a 9-month old baby girl and recording a video of it on a phone in 2016. The two […]

Black CEO and Founder of Speakers Magazine Celebrates National Women's Small Business Month

Pam Perry on the cover of Speakers Magazine

Publisher and Media Maven Pam Perry Wins Lifetime Achievement Award Detroit, MI — The October issue of Speakers Magazine will be distributed to 300 attendees at the Miz CEO Conference […]

Meet the Black Woman Organizing the World's Largest Afro Diaspora Dance Experience

Moiika Stanley, CEO of Wan Move Diaspora

Moiika Stanley, CEO of Wan Move Diaspora is behind the charge to bring together 41 countries for the world’s largest Afro Diaspora Dance Experience Los Angeles, CA — Moiika Stanley, […]

4-Year Old Girl Brings Home Crack Cocaine She Got from Daycare

Sabrina Straker and her daughter, Serenity

Bronx, NY — A 4-year old girl named Serenity tested positive for crack cocaine that she brought home from her daycare in New York City. Sabrina Straker, the girl’s mother, was […]

Raye Mitchell, Esq. Honored at the Annual Book Publicists of Southern California Annual Awards

Dr. Raye Mitchell

Health and wellness advocate’s work, “The Sculpting Life Above Average” series, wins Best Empowerment Book Series Los Angeles, CA — Author Raye Mitchell, Esq. receives the prestigious Irwin Award at […]

HBCU Homecoming Queen of 50 Years Ago to Make “Golden” Appearance at Elizabeth City State University’s Class of '68 Reunion

Ingrid East Dildy Class of '68 at Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City, NC — The Elizabeth City State College (ECSC) class of 1968 will make a historic return during their widely anticipated annual Homecoming Weekend, October 26-28, 2018. Trequita Overton […]

Back in 2016, African-American billionaire Robert F. Smith, founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, made a big bet when he paid $1.8 billion for the cloud-service company, Marketo. Well, […]

Black-Owned Firm Launches Unique Backpack Dolls For African American Girls

African American backpack dolls for girls

Nationwide — Young Black girls can now enjoy playing with a very unique toy that reflects what they look like. A new collection, called Toys Like Me™, features cute dolls […]

Woman Says Health Clinic Refused to Care For Her Black Adopted Daughter

Karen Dresser and her daughter, Amelia

Waldorf, MD — Karen Dresser, who is white, said that an emergency clinic in Maryland discriminated against her and her daughter who is Black. Amelia, her 12-year old adoptive daughter, […]

Black Woman Says H&M Store in Florida Falsely Accused Her of Stealing Earrings

Daniela Taylor, Black woman falsely accused of stealing at H&M

Pembroke Pines, FL — H&M is once again under fire after Daniela Taylor, an African-American woman, claims that she was racially profiled by a security at one of the company’s […]

African American Poet, Janet Autherine, Releases New Book With Poems That Explore the Heart of Today’s Woman

Janet Autherine, author of Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul

Orlando, FL — Words have long been regarded as a means to wellness. In moments of crisis and frustration, a phone call from sister-friends and family can serve as a […]

Black Business Woman Takes Organic Farming Roots to the Next Level -- Launches New Vitamin And Supplements Brand!

Dolores Hewitt, founder of Regale Health

Southeast Queens, NY — Dolores Hewitt, reminisces well about her organic roots in health. She is dug deep in appreciation for eating the natural goodness of her Caribbean homeland. Organic […]

How Black Couples Are Stopping The Money Argument

Black couple working on laptop

By Renee Hughes Nationwide — Serena Williams is shedding light on a topic few know anything about. It is a form of domestic abuse called financial abuse. Reports indicate 99% […]

Trio of Surgical Residents Share the Hopes, Expectations of Being Black, Female and Physicians

Dr. Avianne Bunnell, Dr. Kiandra Scott, and Dr. Quiana Kern are surgical residents at MUSC

Charleston, SC — For one resident, being a surgeon is an opportunity to ‘fix’ people. For another, it’s a chance to develop long-term relationships with patients and nudge them onto […]

Online Petition Launched to Stop Child Protective Services From Unlawfully Abducting Children

Child Protective Services

Nationwide — A new online petition has been launched by an African American activist named Cecelia Evertez from Newton, Connecticut. Her petition is a plea for justice for the many […]

Join the First Black Woman-Owned Cafe & Farmers Market Franchise That Will Be Owned by the Community

Ena Jones, founder of Roots and Vine Produce Cafe

Nationwide — Roots & Vine Produce and Café, spearheaded by Ena Jones, a single mother of 3, born and raised in Chicago, has set its Grand Opening for this fall […]

Parents Upset After Teachers Zip-Tied Two Black Students' Hands Behind Their Backs

Black students from Atlanta ziptied by their teachers

Atlanta, GA — Two pre-K teachers from Oak View Elementary in Atlanta have recently resigned after at least two of their 4-year old students said that they tied their hands […]

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and poet Jill Scott has an organization called the Blues Babe Foundation. Based in North Philadelphia, the program offers financial support and mentoring for students across the […]

Black Family Goes Viral Because All the Children Became Doctors -- Just Like Their Dad!

Dr. Herbert Oye and his children, who are also all doctors

Nationwide — A Nigerian-American family is making a huge buzz in social media and the medical field now that all of the children have become doctors. It wasn’t an easy […]

Meet the Black Family From Illinois Who Just Paid Off $330K in Debt Within 5 Years!

Talaat and Tai McNeely and their kids

Tinley Park, IL — A couple from Illinois have successfully paid off their $330,000 debt in just 5 years, and many are wondering how they managed to be debt-free in […]

Buckingham Palace Responds to Black Abolitionist's Open Letter to the Queen of England

Venita Benitez with the Queen of England

Nationwide — Buckingham Palace has responded to Venita Benitez’s controversial open letter to the Queen of England. Benitez, a self-proclaimed abolitionist and genealogist, comments, “I humbly appreciate hearing back from Buckingham […]

How This Black Mother-And-Son Turned a Soap Business into an $850 Million Fortune

Mother and son founders of Sundial Brand

In the 1990’s, an African American mother and her son, Mary and Richelieu Dennis, launched a beauty and skincare product company now known as Sundial Brands/ Shea Moisture in their […]

Casting directors are looking for talented African Americans to appear on an upcoming episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. They are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes […]

Teacher Threatened Teen's Grades If He Refused to Have Sex With Her

Jennifer Olajire-Aro

Charleston, SC — Jennifer Danielle Olajire-Aro, a math teacher from South Carolina, allegedly threatened one of her students to lower his grades if he would stop having sex with her. She […]

Mother Arrested After 5 of Her Kids Tested Positive for Cocaine

Cordelia Adair, mother who was arrested for chemical endangerment of her children

Montgomery, AL — Cordelia Adair, a mother from Montgomery, Alabama, is facing multiple charges after five of her children tested positive for cocaine. Authorities discovered that she exposed her own […]

Black Entrepreneur Invents Water Aerobic Hair Cover That Maintains Your Hairstyle While in the Water

Linda Brown, inventor of the Water Aerobic Hair Cover

Nationwide — Linda Brown, a proud senior citizen with an inventive mind, has invented a unique Water Aerobic Hair Cover that solves a problem that has prevents many African American […]

Man Who Impregnated His Girlfriend's 10-Year Old Daughter Sentenced to 160 Years in Prison

Nicholas Deon Thrash

Marion, IN — Nicholas Deon Thrash, a man who reportedly got a 10-year old girl pregnant after molesting her multiple times, has been sentenced to over 100 years in prison. […]

Black Landlord, Anne Kihagi, Says the City of San Francisco Allowed False Testimony Against Her Resulting in Substantial Penalties

Anna Kihagi

San Francisco, CA — San Francisco landlord Anne Kihagi says she has been harassed and humiliated, and her life has been changed dramatically. In this case, the morality of the […]

ESSENCE, which is Black-owned again, is hiring with several lucrative job openings! Known for producing it’s premiere lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine for African-American women, the NYC-based company also produces […]

Workshop to Help Los Angeles Area Black Entrepreneurs Get Access to Capital and Business Credit

Stephanie Ardrey, CEO of Blu Diamond Group

Los Angeles, CA — Stephanie Ardrey, CEO, Blu Diamond Group, Inc., offers her upcoming workshop “Showing you the money! Capital + Credit for Business” on Saturday, September 29, 2018 from […]

What If Movie Icons Wore African Fashion?

Reimagining Audrey Hepburn

Los Angeles, CA — Just in time for New York (and Harlem) Fashion week, The Africa Channel launches a 10-part digital series that asks a simple yet compelling question, “What […]

Unbeweavable! Top 7 Hair Extension and Weave Brands That Black Women Love

Black woman hair extensions

Nationwide — Women have long fueled a multi-billion dollar industry for wigs and hair extensions. But African American women, in particular, are huge buyers of 100% human hair imported from […]

Curvify, Why Every Black Woman Wants a Pair of These Jeans!

Curvify Jeans

Forget bulky padding and costly implants! These butt-lifting jeans give your booty a natural boost. You’ll have a sexier, perkier butt – without spending hours at the gym! Nationwide — […]

Caught on Camera: Angry Woman Rubs Dog Poop on Her Neighbor’s Doorknob

Brenda Mullins, woman who rubbed dog poop on neighbor's doorknob

Detroit, MI — A woman was recently caught on security camera rubbing dog poop on her neighbor’s doorknob. Brenda Mullins, the furious woman, did not deny that it was her. […]

1-Year Old Baby Swept Away From His Mother's Arms By Hurricane Florence Floodwaters

Kaiden Lee-Welch, one year old baby who died

Monroe, NC — A mother is grieving over the lost of her 1-year old son, Kaiden Lee-Welch, after he was suddenly swept away from her arms by floodwaters caused by […]

Many Black Women Are Still Using Toxic Sanitary Pads -- Even Though the Organic Pads Cost About the Same!

Black women shopping for sanitary napkins

Nationwide — Many sanitary pads (or sanitary napkins) are made of plastic materials that can complicate embryonic development and lead to organ damage. Even more, the fiber in these absorbent […]

NYPD Black Police Officer Called N-Word More Than 50 Times, But Remains Calm!

Black female NYPD officer kept her cool despite a man shouting racial slur at her

Brooklyn, NY — An African American female NYPD officer is being commended for showing great self-control when she calmly stood her ground even as a handcuffed suspect repeatedly shouted the […]

Too Many Black Women Dying From Breast Cancer -- Could Aluminum-Free Deodorant Be the Answer?

Black woman using deodorant

Nationwide — Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among African-American women. Even worse, studies have confirmed that Black women are more than twice as likely to die from […]

New Book Aims to Demystify SEO for Black Female Entrepreneurs

My SEO Workbook by Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

New York, NY — Just a month after Google’s latest hard-hitting core algorithm update, My SEO Workbook, a book that simplifies search engine optimization for black female entrepreneurs is available […]

Ohio Judge Resigns After Video Shows His Hands Around Black Woman’s Neck

Video footage shows Michael Bachman grabbing Kassandra Jackson

Hamilton, OH — Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Magistrate Michael Bachman has stepped down from his post to avoid “further consternation” after a video of him chasing down and grabbing a […]

African American Author, Cathy Lynn Estes Davis, Launches New Book on Second Chances

Timeless Decisions by Cathy Davis

Nationwide — On this amazing journey, there will always be twists and turns that life throws at you. Fortunately, there are second chances granted and most are privy to them. […]

The Only Black Woman Entrepreneur Whose App Has Surpassed 350K Downloads to Teach At Hampton University

Angel Rich

31-year old Angel Rich has been featured in Forbes, ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, TedX, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, The Washington Post and became the first tech entrepreneur featured on The […]

6 African American Authors That Have Made $100K or More in Book Sales in 2018!

Top Selling Black Authors

Every year, hundreds of thousands of new books are released and many of them are written by Black authors. Sadly, however, most books flop and don’t sell more than 100-200 […]

Black-Owned Media Company Acquires Online Fashion Retailer African Fabric Co.

Model wearing clothing from African Fabric Co.

Nationwide — Today, BCE Media Inc., parent company of online events calendar and led by CEO Pamela Ashe-Thomas, announced the expansion of its digital media portfolio through the acquisition […]

Michelle Obama Launches 10-City Tour For Her New Book That Will Be Published in 24 Languages!

Michelle Obama's new book, Becoming

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is releasing a new memoir entitled Becoming, and is already planning her 10-city book tour. The book will be released in the U.S. and Canada […]

Black Teen From Michigan Dies After Being Stabbed to Death by Her Classmate

Dayonna Gibson, student who died after being stabbed by her classmate

Warren, MI — Dayonna Gibson, a 16-year old student from Michigan, died after being fatally stabbed by her classmate and former friend at Fitzgerald High School. Authorities say she was […]

Media Mogul Belinda Baker Announces New Urban Channel Step1 TV on KTVA 35.10

Belinda Baker, CEO of Step1 TV

Hollywood, CA — In response to the high demand for premium content, CEO Belinda Baker has announced the launch of the nation’s newest urban television Step1 TV on KTVA channel […]

Black Organization Seeks Clemency For Incarcerated Women & Families

FedFam4Life is a non-profit Sisterhood co-founded by Tray Johns, Executive Director and Foxxy Johns, President, both formerly incarcerated

Boston, MA — According to a 2017 report, by the Prison Policy Initiative, there are over 219,000 incarcerated women in the United States. 1:5 incarcerated people are locked up are […]

New Black-Owned Dating Site Offers Free 1-Year Memberships

African American couple

Nationwide — Run or Stay is the hilariously relatable online dating site that is changing the perception of the online dating industry. was created for people who realize “perfect […]

Innovative Black Entrepreneur Launches Toddler Walking Shoes With Better Foot Support and Comfort

Yolandra Rodgers, CEO & Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

Nationwide — Most people refer to Yolandra Rodgers as the Baby Shoe Lady, consequently, she is the brains behind the successful baby shoe store at, You heard it right […]

Black Woman Tech Entrepreneur Ready To Democratize Social Health Empowerment With First Health, Fitness and 360° Well-Being App For Women

Tam Williams, founder of SheApp

Tam Williams, founder of the company, She’s It, says it’s like having up to 10 apps integrated all in one. Philadelphia, PA — West Chester, PA based Lifestyle Technology & […]

Store Cashier Calls Police On College Student For Being 'Arrogant' And 'Black'

Jordan McDowell and the woman who racially profiled him in a grocery store

Santa Fe, NM — Jordan McDowell, a 22-year old pre-med college student who was vacationing from out of state, became a victim of racial profiling when a store cashier called […]

City of San Francisco Falsely Accuses Successful African American Real Estate Investor, Anne Kihagi, and Charges Her $2.5 Million

Anna Kihagi

San Francisco, CA — Is cultural lynching still at work in utopic San Francisco? The City of San Francisco has waged a race war against Anna Kihagi, a successful African […]

Ohio Police Officer Who Tasered 11-Year Old Black Girl Will Face Disciplinary Actions

11-year-old girl who was tased for suspected shoplifting

Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Police Officer Ken Brown, who deployed a taser on an 11-year old Black girl whom he allegedly caught shoplifting, is facing disciplinary actions after investigations concluded […]

Historical Novel Tells the Story of a Black Woman Living in the South After the Civil War and Slavery Have Just Ended

The Twisted Crown by Anita Bunkley

Now available in Trade Paperback, Kindle eBook, and B&N Nook “… a well-turned piece of historical fiction that seamlessly weaves together real events that happened during the Civil War and […]

Meet the 3 Black Women Who Designed Lebron James’ New Nike Shoes

Black women who designed Lebron's Nike shoes

The first LeBron signature shoe to be reimagined by female designers has been born. Three African American designers – Kimberly Goldson, Felisha Noel, and Undra Celeste Duncan – were selected […]

Personal Transformation Guru, Lisa Nichols, to Speak at Dudley’s Educational & Motivational Symposium

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols will electrify attendees at Dudley’s EMS with her message of empowerment and transformation. She’s the speaker for the event that will take place on Saturday, Sept. 22 at […]

African-American Children’s Book Finalist for Global Award

My Father Said I Could By Anita M. McLaurin

Author Anita M. McLaurin to present for final judging of the Author Academy Awards San Antonio, TX — My Father Said I Could, written by Anita McLaurin of San Antonio, […]

Black Entrepreneur Launching New Streaming Platform to Showcase Independent Black Productions

Rashidah De Vore, founder of X on Demand

X On Demand Seeks to Change the Game for Black Filmmakers and Content Creators New York, NY — With the ease of access to film and television shows online and streaming […]

This Black Entrepreneur Was Just Voted to Develop the Curriculum For 400,000 National Members of the Freelancers Union

Melony Hill

— 12-year freelance entrepreneur, Melony Hill, voted one of four on newly formed National Executive Committee of the Freelancers Union — Baltimore, MD — Just six months ago, Baltimore-based author, […]